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We have been in operation since November 1st, 2005. Our facility has always had procedures and policies in place. When we rescue our adoptable homeless dogs from a shelter, we use experienced evaluators. Two evaluators check out each and every dog for temperament, non-aggressiveness to either humans, other dogs, and all around adoptability. Evaluators carefully check their teeth, ears, paws, and any possible external medical problems that they can foresee as a problem.

If the dog passes our 220 point evaluation by a minimum score of 176, we consider the dog adoptable, and we bring it to our center. At that point, we immediately call our veterinarian and make an appointment for a health check, rabies shot, and spay/neuter if required.


We also mannerize and socialize our pups on a daily basis. Our dogs have a beautiful play yard, with people and other dog interaction. We also have indoor kennel runs for their comfort at night. They have both cooling in the summer and heat in the winter.


No dog leaves our center for adoption without being spayed/neutered, up to date vaccinations, and microchipping. We carefully interview and screen any prospective adopters and their families to ensure our rescued dogs will indeed go to their loving homes and family.

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