Spud- Adopted!

Updated: Jan 28

Spud is a spunky 1 year old hound mix with tons and tons of energy! He's very goofy, very smart, and very mischievous. Spud is our head clown here at Mutt Matchers! He lacks some manners. Spud walks pretty good on a harness. He likes other dogs, and would be good with another active dog. Cats are a bad idea for this active pup! Spud needs an active owner to meet his active needs! He would make a great hiking or running buddy! Spud does good in car rides! He is also very smart and very trainable! Maybe you could teach him some more tricks! He loves learning new tricks!

Spud has graduated his level 1 training class (Although he is still quite obnoxious and pulls the leash a tad, but with a harness he is quite fine). He knows Sit, Down, Shake, Sit Pretty, Wave, and High five! Come down and see this million-mile-an-hour dog!

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