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Mutt Matchers & Friends has created a no-kill adoption center to rescue adoptable dogs from euthanasia. We can't save them all, but we can save hundreds by rescuing and placing wonderful dogs in loving homes. Mutt Matchers & Friends Adoption Center is unique as we are very small, but we save them 10 at a time. For more information, please take the tour by browsing our website by using the tabs above.

Adoptable dogs


There is a special need for morning volunteers from 8 A.M. until about 10:00 A.M. After a training period you will be able to "meet and greet" prospective adopters and to answer the phones and help with the paperwork. Also volunteers can help to conduct home checks prior to adoptions.

Volunteers can get involved with our Out Reach Program, such as dog safety training at our local schools, visiting care facilities and doing public relation talks in our community. Volunteers can also help out with transportation of dogs to the vet and grooming appointments. Shopping trips to pick up needed items for the Center. Volunteering your time for our pick-ups at Walmart and helping out with our Sunday schedules.

Adopted dogs
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